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Level 1 In 30 Days (My Story)


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Hello everyone, Just stopping by to share my 30 day journey.

In the past, going back years now - I’ve used Fiverr as a customer.
I joined Fiverr 30 days ago as a seller.

I finally decided to jump on board after seeing the Packages integration and evolution of the platform.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and at the time I didn’t really have any goals.

Less than 12 hours after launching my first Gig, I received an order for $50

I didn’t do anything to promote my page or my gigs. In fact, I still haven’t.
(Thanks Fiverr)

It took about 1 week to fill out at 7 Gigs allowed as a newbie.

My main gig is a Manual type offer, where I have to put in actual work - So it turns out that I’m not making a whole lot, but it’s a start.

After getting my first few sales in my first few days I decided I had better start looking into using Fiverr properly.

I’ve google everything and watched everything.

I’d say I now have a fairly good grasp on the potential of the platform and how best to leverage it as viable source of income.

I have 20 orders with 1 mutual cancellation.
So 19 orders with a total of $336/USD. — or $445 / CND (yay)

That’s an average order amount of $23/usd

I have a conversion rate of 2.3% and a 99% Rating

Now that I am gunning for the Level 2 badge over the next 30 days I plan to optimize my gigs.

Fill out all the Gig spaces available at the level 1 status.
I plan to fill the Gigs available to me with Instant deliverable’s.

I plan to promote my gigs much more.

I’ve done my best to over deliver on value and with my customer service on all orders.

I believe this has lead to the 99% rating.
(My only non 5 star was a 4.5)

In everything that I have read, it appears that Fiverr favors new Sellers with traffic because they want to help build them up.

So far it’s been nice having customers just show up on their own, so I hope that as I level up I don’t lose that built in traffic.

That’s it for now.

I’ll follow up in another 30 days - Hopefully as a Level 2 seller.

I hope you enjoyed this, and best wishes to everyone else on their Fiverr journey.


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