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Buyer Tips - Avoiding Problems with your order and your seller


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Over time we’ve had our share of issues and we’ve come up with our own way of preventing them and dealing with things.

The following is information explaining why it’s important to read/watch everything in a seller’s gig and why.

Also Tip #5 explains why it’s important to know how to use the Reject button.
Some things you may have not thought of…

  1. Watch the entire gig video. Start to finish. Possibly twice.

Why? - Most sellers cannot fit everything in their gig description as text. So the video for their gig may contain some things the gig description DOES NOT!

It’s not a seller’s fault. The box is too short and so is the video! So keep that in mind.

  1. Look at their gig sample photos.

Why? - Some sellers hide special discounts in these. Some act as important info cards to let you know more things right away. Some , like ours , show our different sets of clothes we wear.


Why? - I don’t care what you say or what you think… You need to read the whole gig description text box.

Not just a little bit … Not just half of it … Not most of it… ALL OF IT.

Become familiar with this like it’s the terms and conditions of the entire sale…


Sellers use the gig description box for several reasons.

A) Describing their service
B) Describing the COST of the $5 base package.
C) Describing the Cost of anything EXTRA.
** This is where buyers go off the track. You must look at what the seller is selling for $5. **And you must understand that ANYTHING PAST THAT IS MOST LIKELY EXTRA $$$$

D) Describing the delivery time
E) Describing Re-Do policies
*This is probably the point where most sellers run out of room in the description box.

Which brings me to my next point


This is what you get presented with right after you order a gig.
This is what the SELLER NEEDS FROM YOU!

In some cases the seller will relay even more information to you about the order and what to expect. For example : We inform clients that there is a re-do policy in place and it’s up to them to ask us for it. Simply because we cannot link to it or share it in the box. It’s too large.

For most gigs it asks you to send your files required to make the order happen.
(Example: The script for your video you want… OR your logo to add to it)

And when you don’t adhere to these directions , you will cause the seller to check your order and have to ask you for these things again.

Or they may just cancel right away - BECAUSE OF THE TIMER.

You probably thought “oh I’ll send the stuff later”
– The seller has every right to cancel your order for this reason alone. Do your part!

KEEP IN MIND THEIR TIMER - The order starts ticking as soon as you place it.

So if you don’t have your stuff together … dont place the order yet! Simple.


If the base project that the seller turns in was acceptable…
Do NOT use the modification button to ask for changes or additions without contacting them first.

What I’m saying is … Don’t reject the order and say…

“Oh the job looks good thanks! Can we add this and that to it now?”

WHY ? – When you reject the order , it generally starts the timer back up for the seller.

What happens a lot of times is that the seller will not have enough time to make your modification and the order was completed successfully…

And you may make that order go LATE (bad for the seller) because you rejected it for things you wanted to add later.

Its unfair to your seller if they did a good job to reject an order for any reason.
If you want stuff added to it , creating a 2nd order with them is better than them getting a rejected one from a job well done.

This is a very very very common problem. And you will probably easily do this to a seller without realizing you may potentially hurt their gig ranking.

—> (Because it will cause the seller to turn in a LATE order) <—

-Be mindful of the time left on that order before you reject it – But relax…And here’s why…

AS A BUYER - YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME to communicate your needs after a seller has turned in something. In fact , last I checked , THE BUYER (you) have UP TO 72 HOURS to make a decision to accept or reject a delivery from your seller.

So in most cases , take that first 24 hours to ask the seller to make the change…
But in all cases - if the order was completed successfully just accept it!!

Its more respectable when this happens… and there is no timer to worry about…

–> Don’t use the order modification or reject button for asking for changes that were NOT Discussed before placing the order. <—


Getting in this habit may cause you to upset your seller and/or have them turn in a late order.

Fiverr keeps the order in limbo for 72 hours after a seller completes it.
After that , fiverr will auto complete the order so the seller can start receiving the funds.
So dont wait too long. Reject it if you have to… But only if something isn’t right!

I hope this helps buyers and sellers alike.

Read the gig description , ask your questions first , have your files/instructions prepared before hitting the order button… And be sure you know the difference between their Base $5 gig and their extras are.

Good luck!

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While I agree with all of your tips, I’m going to point one thing out since I am a buyer and a seller. When I buy, I am going to openly admit that I don’t watch all of all gig videos. Maybe I should, but I don’t. If the gig I’m buying has to do with video or audio, then yes, I watch it all and listen carefully. If the gig is writing related or “I’ll write your message on the beach” or something like that, the videos are often either just for fun or poorly done since they aren’t as necessary. I DO read the gig description very thoroughly from beginning to end and I definitely fill in the requirements well.

As a seller, my gigs are not video related. I make very sure that my gig description does include every detail. If I really felt I had to include information in the video that was a necessity for the buyer to see, I would mention that in the gig description. For example, I would say “Please watch the gig video as some essential details are there.” If I didn’t mention this and a buyer wanted a refund over something that they didn’t see in the video, I would be concerned that CS would not back me up as a seller.

This doesn’t mean I actually disagree with your point, I’m just being honest about my own buying habits so that other sellers know there are people like me out there. I’m not a fussy buyer and I’ve never cancelled or left a negative review unless the gig went ridiculously late with zero delivery. Either way, good tips!

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Communication is the absolutely crucial factor in all of this. Whether I am a buyer or a seller I make sure that I give loads of information to make sure that the gig goes well.

My worst purchases are where I get a wall of silence from the seller after I order. I understand that they might be busy putting my order together but I want them to tell me that.

My worst sales are when the buyer gives me sketchy information and then tells me I’ve got it all wrong when I deliver.

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I wish more buyers were aware of the importance of communicating proper details from the start. its fairly annoying to get messages in the inbox that start and end with “Hey can you make a video for me?” … Obviously “Yes!” but that first message from the buyer could have outlined all the details of the project they want from us … But they’ll have to wait another day to tell me after I reply with that big fancy “Yes!”… - Of course we slap on a list of starter questions … but all in-all thats a whole day wasted.

It’s best to present as much information as possible (copy + paste your project details even) if you want to save time and be efficient here or on any platform like this.

As far as sketchy info from the buyer… The best defense to that is setting up the proper expectations + instructions through your gig description/video and buyer requirements portion of your gig … and get back with the client for clarifications well in advance. If the buyer is not responding fast enough , its often best to cancel the order to avoid it going late and being delivered improperly. If they don’t understand that , they’ve got communication skills to work on anyway don’t they 😉

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