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Get your packages sold LIKE A BOSS


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Okay i havent sold anything on fiverr in a long time, it was cool, just a gig that had me write stuff on my face an being a marketing guy i made everything right and it was working great, (just doesnt work well with a customer service type job lol)

but me wanting to get back on fiverr here in the near future, got me to stumble upon the new feature of packages.

It’s awesome you get to setup 3 packages and prices how you please.

Which got me thinking about about one of my favorite principles per say in sales

The Decoy Effect/ Decoy Pricing
(note if you already know this or someone already wrote about it, then you can just stop here this is for people that may not know)

Essentially decoy pricing is just a way to model your pricing so your customers when they visit your gig to buy, they will come to the conclusion to buy your highest costing offer or package.

what ive been seeing with package on gigs no is the most simple and common way to price your packages

$20- logo design
x2 revision
no source
ect ect

$35- 2 logo design
unlimited revision
source file

$70 5 logos
ect etc plus more

and really though this pricing is smart
tend to every customer on every budget, its good no doubt about it
customer can chooose what they need and the more they spend they get a lil bargain

But heres how decoy pricing works

your Movie theater
on a budget

  • you want to get popcorn*

small 3
med 6.50
large 7

whicb would you buy? if you wanted to save money
well the cheapest is a small for 3$ lets go with that.
"hold on though will it be enougb popcorn? Im really hungry

lets just go with the next cheapest the medium for 6.50

wait a minute ??
for 50 cents more i can make it a large and get more popcorn, ima take that deal!!

See what happened?
the theater priced the popcorn in such a way that even if you wanted to save money you just ended up spending more anyways, but they subconsciously tricked you into thinking that your saving money by spending more.

when in reality the movie theater will make over 1000% return of investment no matter what you decide, but they got you to spend more, which makes them more. They got you spending more money, because you think your saving money.

So idk if you tried it on your packages yet but if you havent applied a pricing structure like this yet it would definitly be worth testing.

somthing like

tier 1
tier 2
tier 3

and watch your customers get drawn to your highest paying packages
I know it may add alot more work,but if you pick your quality up imagine what it would do for you customer satisfaction, reviews(to bring in new customers and have a good portfolio) but think even more about the CUSTOMER RETENTION, your could possibly make 1000s

and YOU SHOULD, just like the movie theater be making 1000% ROI no matter what they decide to buy, but in the grand scheme you should a bunch more of yoru top packages

PS: i have not tested it on any gigs myself, but should be tested, also this should definitly be great for you if your gigs are already in high demand and you are known to provide quality.

Good luck

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thats what its all about, with selling everything… a good tip to remember for those newbies is, Yourenot just selling you gig, youre also selling yourself. Have to make sure your gig headline is good, descript, everything, good enough that youd by it. And with scaring people from high prices this should be the holy grail right here, make your buyers come to their own decision that they are getting an amazing deal, when really they are spending the most.

Thanks for reading

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@misscrystal Do you encounter prospects or retunring clients who - regardeless of the fact you’re a TRS with lots of ++++reviews- seem hesitant to upgrade to extras, even if these are recommended/important to complement the basic service? You pitch them nicely so I wonder…

( In our category packages aren’t rolled out yet, that’s why I ask about upgrading with extras.)

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Thank you for letting us know, I wasn’t aware of this principle.

However, I am not sure if it has application to freelancers ( and please feel free to call me out if I reach the conclusion, based on mistaken facts). I mean, the movie theatre is massively producing snacks in their popcorn machine everyday, right? They don’t make single cups of snack every time a client pays for one.
It is known that when you produce sth massively, the marginal costs are reduced (the more you produce, the less the mc). But freelancers usually work per order, creating CUSTOMIZED services as per the client’s requirements and can’t price a customized add-on as if they have it already in stock! Do I make sense?
Myself, I am a psychic reader. I don’t have prewritten scripts or prerecorded audios to send because my services are tailor made! Which means, they are labor intensive, I have nothing ready!
Besides, here is an example based on your initial post. Assume my 10min reading session costs $5
Tier1 30min reading session $15
Tier2 90min reading session $45
Tier3 100min reading session $50
I don’t make more from what I would originally have made if I sold 10 basic gigs if the client chooses tier 3! And since anyone can do the maths, I can’t charge more for every ten minute session!
Any ideas?

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you make perfect sense and thanks for reading my post, what id say is,

yes i know that every order must be tailor made, and admit its defferent in your situation but im sure this applies for everyone selling on fiverr that you have something to stream line the process of completing orders, including tailor made orders, i do say it could add more work, but work hard enough and youll get more money in the long run, not from just up front sells but upsells.

with you pricing i suggest something like

$15-30 min
no bonuses
one bonus
2-3 bonuses

extra bonuses are very important to make upgrading more appealing
(give whatever you can extra, will make yourclients happier)

look at it like this
lets say you put a lil note in your descrip
(PS to get the most from my offer make sure to check out my higher packages 😉 .

now if they want an hour they have to buy two $15 dollar $30
but they look an see you got 90 min for $40 awesome extra 30 min for $10 more dollars, off 5$ and a bonus

wait but noww
for $10 more, another 30 min, plus two more bonuses(can be PLRS or anything)“I’ll definitely but this”

and if you keep quality really good
whos gonna get the most benefit from your gigs?

tier 3 right?
theirs gonna be the happiest because they get the most benefit and the “best deal” , write you amazing reviews, recommending, plus if you did it right if they need anything like your service again

theyll choose you, bc they know you deliver.

i know i know more work

you could sell 5 $15 and get more money

but think about it, is the 30 min enough to solidify you as the go to person? maybe not… but 100-120 min definitely will.

get five clients for $15- 30 min each
1/5 returning customers once a month


3 clients for $50- 120 min each but
2/3 returning customers once a month because the quality and extra bonuses made you service so amazing
(plus it only get easier the more you know them)

dont try an do a hit an run gig
build clients and a business

hope this helps

PS: still should be tested but this is how it should work out for you

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This is interesting. I just made some extra totally by accident and I’ll explain how. Before I do, I’m going to add that in My opinion, most sellers should have some $5 option unless your queue is really long already. Some buyers won’t spend more on a first try no matter how good it sounds.

I have one gig that takes focus but for a few days I had a personal life issue and didn’t really want orders. I decided to just make my delivery time crazy long at 28 days. (I don’t have access to packages yet.) My previous time was 7 days. I meant to also turn off my extra fast 5 day option but I forgot.

I came back after being gone a day and found an order, but the buyer didn’t want to wait 28 days at $5 when he could get 5 days for 10. It worked out great for both if us. I got double money for a quick job and the buyer got a still-cheap deal at low financial risk. I don’t know if I’ll keep this exact structure, but it’s a very interesting way to leverage a liitle bit more.

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Nah, won’t work. Ask anyone with a modicum of experience dealing with prices and buyers on Fiverr.

  1. people come here to buy cheap.
  2. people are hesitant to pay beyond $20 to a stranger unless the job is substantial such as a children’s book. Most buyers are under the mistaken impression that they can get a 15pg children’s book illustrated for only $500. It’s amazing to me how cheap buyers on here are. I suspect they end up with abysmal quality by the end of it. You get what you pay for.

So good luck getting sales with a $50-100 package unless you are taking a huge price cut for the job size.

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youre right forsure, but i think it should be tested(at least on the right gigs)

like you said most buyer come to fiverr to buy on the cheap

but isnt everyone? like with the popcorn example…

it would really depend on whats being sold and how “hungry” they are and if they think theyll get most bang for their buck.

a stay at home mom or wanna be author, looking to get a 15pg soft cover childrens book and see a the FAIR price tag of $500, would just rather not buy…

but a guy thats just working on his startup who has a budget already on the side, will know that getting a professional job for a logo for under $100 is a steal, so they want mind paying 150-200 for quick deliv, source file, unlimited revis, will buy hands down, look at all the people paying on 99design daily…

im sure it could work, if you put yourself in the right position

what about
keep the cheap $5 offer
next one can be $40-45
then next like $60-65

someone thing along those lines, be good for everyone plus decoy pricing

thanks for reading

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