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My Life with Fiverr


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I am Gokaran from Darchula Nepal and living in Kathmandu.

I still remember my those bad days looking for job, no money. My dreams were higher then my budget. I was almost frustrated with my life. I started searching jobs online. In 2012-1013 I signup so many online job/freelancer sites fiverr is one of them.

First 2-3 month no good result. One day I created Newsletter template gig. With in 4 days I get an order for $5. It took me 4 days to complete that Newsletter design. My buyer gave me good review. After that I have a lots of order. With in 6 month I make a good money beyond my expatiation.

Today I am earning very good amount from fiverr. Fiverr is like blessing for me to make my life easy. Today I full fill my every dreams, I am free to go any where any time.

Thanks team fiverr

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Hello Gokaran! I love the story of your life! I also would love to visit your beautiful country. Your gigs are wonderful. I am impressed with your knowledge of English since it probably is not your first language. You seem to have a very good education.

Just to let you know, not because I am bothered by it, your second post where there is a link to your gig is not allowed and they will take it off when they see it. People can click on your name like I did to see your nice gigs.

You are doing very well here and I am hoping soon for you to become a Top Rated Seller. You deserve it.

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