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I get the feeling you are not really going to like this, but I’ll be honest and give you
some of my thoughts. First of all, unless you have a really good English speaker in your “team,” you shouldn’t be offering editing/proofreading gigs. Just by the short message you left above I’m afraid it is pretty clear that your English is not that good, and same thing with your profile description. (ex: feek back)
How can you convince a buyer that you can offer good quality service?
Even if you do have a bilingual in your team, the person failed to point out the grammar mistakes in the description, or you didn’t ask. That doesn’t make you look good.
As for the business card gig, it would be hard to stand out since a lot of people offer
similar gigs, unless you come up with a more unique way to show your skills.

Try reading through all the useful tips here at the forum, you will learn a lot.

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