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Are The Payoneer People About?


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Ok, I’ve seen some posts in this forum by apparent Payoneer staff and I would really like to get a few answers regarding my potentially using the Fiverr revenue card which there doesn’t seem to be any literature about anywhere else.

Firstly, I am actually impressed with the present Fiverr revenue fee table. However, in this table, there isn’t any mention on an annual Payoneer card fee of about $29 which I have seen mentioned elsewhere. In this case does this apply to the Fiverr revenue card?

Secondly, if I withdraw funds from Fiverr, can I choose what currency these should be made available to me with Payoneer? i.e. would I always have to pay a currency exchange rate fee when using my card? Or in my case, could I deposit funds to my card in Euros and only have to worry about the exchange rate when loading funds?

Thirdly, what exactly is the deal with the account inactivity fee? I don’t mean to sound critical, but would loading funds to a card count as ‘account activity,’ or do I have to make a physical withdrawal at least every month to avoid these?

Lastly then, are there any fees for making purchases online or by the card with tellers in stores (the kind where you enter your pin). This isn’t really made clear in the Fiverr revenue card fee table.

I’m sorry if this isn’t an ideal place for this post, but I would find this information very useful in deciding whether or not to use the Fiverr Revenue card and in this case, I am sure that this information will also be useful to other people.

Thank you in advance, Andy

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Well, no one seems to be able to help with this, but apparently Payoneer has its own forum. In this case, I have glanced over some of their posts and found the following. Please note though, that the below information is sourced from forum posts and not actual Payoneer correspondance:

  1. Yes Payoneer does charge $29 annual service fee.

  2. No Payoneer does not deposit funds in your local currency on your card. Anyone outside of the U.S. will have their funds available in $'s only and pay an exchange rate whenever they make a withdrawl.

  3. ‘Account inactivity’ does seem to be off set by topping up a payoneer card. However, I have seen multiple posters on the payoneer forum complaining that there also seems to be a top up charge for funds which comes after the charge detailed in their respective fee tables as specified by their card issuer.

  4. Yes. Payoneer apparently charges between 3% and 3.5% for every online transaction a person makes with their card.

As said at the begining of this post, I might be wrong about these details. However, if I am uncorrected on these matters, I as a Fiverr seller will not be chosing to use the payoneer card. Paypal would seem to be by far the best option.

I hope that this post helps anyone like me looking for the best/cheapest way to make use of their Fiverr earnings.

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