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2 Years History / Sales


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They have been 2 years long work, constant struggle but have yielded fruits Pass have my own agency (advertising agency with 10 dependents), to be a Freelancer in Fiverr, and go that I had a good,
really it come as a blessing.

After so long now I have reached the goal of Orders 2700, 1800 Positive Comments, 27 negatives and a lot Unrated (682).

This has left large profits, have built great things on a personal level (Fiverr is my only income, with whom I maintain my family) as to what work I built buyers returning to me for more work because they like the service.

Going a bit more in detail from perhaps more than 3 months I have seen the number of orders has declined (There were times where get to have up to 60 commands in a row by hand, and go to blessing!).

This decline would like to share with you because maybe this same thing happening.

Thanks to the community and thanks to Fiverr for giving everything good in these two years.

Bernardo Bravo
Top Fiverr Reseller

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