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Fiverr Keyword research using google keyword tool?


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So yea i ve seen a few people mention doing your research when considering creating a new gig! One suggestion i have see others suggest is to research searches on fiverr using google keyword tool?

What i would like to know is how to do this ? Has anyone published a tip?

Cheers in advance

Mr Explainer

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Yes i understand that… but how do you focus it towards? fiverr? how can you search what people are searching for on fiverr. Or is that not what people are saying when they say use the google key word tool? Are they just saying the check general search terms?

The point is you start to get a general idea of what keywords searches are popular. You then want to check these by using the tool to see how popular they are… I cant see the point of using the google keyword tool unless it can focused just on the fiverr site? If possible?

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Reply to @vedmak: It will be different. For a start i would expect the numbers to be less.

If people search for something on google doesnt = that they will be looking for it on fiverr? and vis virsa? I would like to know people are searching for when they come to fiverr specifically.

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