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What is the key to success on Fiverr?


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There is more than one key to success and they all need to be there. First, you need to be really good at what you do.
Second, you need a well written gig.
Third, you need to deliver on time and with very professional service.
Fourth, you need to be able to communicate well in English.

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The service you provide needs to be efficient and viable to sell for $5.
You need to be competent and able to provide a service for $5, and manage lots of orders of varied importance at any one time.
You have to be able to work under a lot of pressure, have top-notch communication, be readily available 24/7, be technically competent, and have your wits about you.
Time invested at the start will also pay off. Underselling when you’re a new seller is custom for sellers who want to become successful.

Just my thoughts 🙂

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Saying to “work hard” is great advice but is too general.
This is my advice:
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Stop complaining you don't get sales and improve your gigs! How? Read this!

Hey guys! Every single time when I see someone complaining they don’t get any orders and when I look at their gigs, I see HUGE room for improvement in the descriptions. EVERY TIME! You need to SELL your gig! Is there any reason in your...

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