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Hello fiverr mates hope so you are enjoying good day and holidays.

Most of the gigs are chosen from recommended section for orders by the buyers, and every seller wants to see his/her gig in recommended section. However No one exactly know that how a gig is chosen for recommended section. or what are the merits on which gigs are selected for recommended section. also there are a lot of theories, some said a editor manually choose them for recommended section etccc.
I am not professional as you are, but i have a theory.

Firstly every good looking gig ( attractive sample pictures , good description, and tags) appeared in recommended section. They can be on first page of recommended section or any other page of this section. You can do this experiment after 2 to 3 hour of uploading your gig. you will see your gig either in new arrival or recommended. we usually browse 2 or 3 pages of this section and thought that our gig is is not in this section but this is not the way to search your gig for recommended section. For this, type title of your gig in search and then see the results, your gig will be there either in new arrivals, recommended or top rating.

Secondly think about promoting your gig on social networks or else, which is actually about increasing our gig impressions, clicks, and gig views etc. we also know that promoting our gig make our gig at top. so same is for recommended section that promoting our gig ( which is already appeared in this sections) will make our gig at top of this section.

So CONCLUSION is that every deserving gig appeared in recommended section but not on first page ( You can do this experiment after 2 to 3 hour of uploading your gig. you will see your gig either in new arrival or recommended.). and the position of your gig in this section depends upon your gig views, clicks, and impressions (means that promotion of your gig )

thank you. feedback from the professionals are welcome

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Interesting. Keep in mind that Fiverr staff have occasionally mentioned that gigs may be semi-randomly rotated to give more users a chance at the Recommended column.

The only other comment I have is that I personally have never seen my own new gigs in search at all in only a few hours. I’ve always had to wait at least 24-72 hours just to see mine in the New column. Perhaps it does sometimes happen at superspeed, but I can’t verify.

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I have official confirmation from my Fiverr success manager that recommended gigs are relatively new gigs that are selected by Fiverr editors, based on overall appeal, presentation and -this last one is my own guess- earning possibilities.

If the gig picks up traction it gets moved to the high rating section. If not, it moves further down the list.

Selection is not affected by meta tags, or other technical factors.
And there’s no predetermined amount of time the gig stays on the recommended section as well.

there’s a rotation system in place so that theoretically everyone gets a shot.

How good your gig will perform depends solely on how good your gig is to be honest.

I published 2 new gigs about two months ago, they were my first new gigs in years, and while both appeared on the recommended section, only one of them moved to the high rating section due to performance.

Both gigs were equally good in terms of deliverable end product and presentation.
But one of them was a premium offering and as expected is not performing as well in terms of sales.

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