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I don’t think you do, although packages being new could make it trickier for now. I can give you some suggestions to try. First, there are 2 links below to instructions on gig creation. Since it sounds like you are creating a gig in a category that has the package option, I would skip right to the second link and give it a try. That way you can both see if deactivating packages works for you and if not, maybe you can go ahead and make some but try some ideas I can suggest to you. (There are categories where packages are not yet available, so if you plan to be in multiple gig categories you may also investigate others.)


If you go through all the steps in creating a gig that allows packages but for some reason you can’t seem to publish without them, here are some ideas you could try for now:

Go and and create the whole gig as you want it, and in the package area go ahead and activate the packages. The first time through, assuming you really don’t want the packages, try this:

Just fill in what you absolutely have to in the package fields even if it’s “dummy” images and text. (Don’t use anything offensive since it might be live for a short time.) Create everything else in your gig like you really want it, except pricing. On pricing, just make the packages with what is required to get by. When you are done, publish the gig and see if it looks like you want except for pricing. If it does, edit the gig and on the pricing page, click the button in the upper right to turn Active 3 Package off. That will take you back to the “old” mode and you can try setting up your pricing like you really wanted it. Then re-publish it. That might work.

If that doesn’t work and you don’t want any packages priced higher than $5, I think you could actually make 3 packages that all cost $5 and just make them a little different in some way. I don’t know what category you are in, so I can’t suggest how to do that. But, like, instead of a Basic $5, a Pro $10 and a Premium $15 package, you could do a $5 Package A, $5 Package B and $5 Package C.

Note - I haven’t actually tried to do that so I can’t be sure it will work. But, to get you up and running if deactivating packages fails for you, that is my best workaround. Maybe someone else who has been working with new gig creation will have more ideas, especially if you give a little bit more detail about what you want to do.

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