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I need some help


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I think that appart from the recipes (the web is overloaded), you could have a chance here on Fiverr. If you have already posted your Gigs in the right Fiverr category and subcategory, then I think there are a few things you could do in order to be visible to potential buyers.

One would be the images. I am sure you could use better light for your photos and not selfies of course. A wider variety of styles in your photos would be good. Instead o fusing in many Gig images a photo of yourself you could use something else that would symbolise the services you are offering. Always a photo that you own the copyright of course.

Second, why not use a video for your Gig to explain to potential buyers what you can and wish to do for them. Your Gigs have to do with human interaction so that would be nice. And as we know Gigs with videos are 400% more visible in search!

Third, you need to promote your Gigs outside Fiverr in your social media, teams and forums. Send potential customers to your Fiverr Gig links.

Hope that helps
All the best 🙂

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