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Improving Gigs


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Your gigs are not in my specialty area, so the best I can do is to critique somewhat as a buyer since I am both a buyer and seller.

IMHO, your business card gig needs work. I would encourage you to study both art and design a little more. The image I see for your main gig image shows business cards that are very harsh on the eyes. I wouldn’t want anything like that for my own business cards. Perhaps some others who are buyers can offer advice and others with art experience can give some feedback.

Another gig that catches my eye is your banner ad gig. You promise eye-catching banners and it is effective in that sense. While my own reaction to it isn’t all negative, it looks like an ad that might have been taken from another business and then lightly re-touched. I would work on something more unique as well as attractive for your gig image.

I hope that helps or at least draws more feedback for you from others. Good luck!

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