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The unwanted gig offer


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It’s not really a rant, but just because I was mildly annoyed by it…

I’m sure that a lot of us has received the gig offer which we never asked for.
Maybe I should call it spam offer.

I got a message so I went to check what it was, and boom there it was, a
gig offer for 500 facebook likes.


I don’t care about facebook likes, even if it was free I don’t need it.
I messaged the guy telling him that I never asked for it, and it’s just spam.
He replies in one word: sorry.

I went to check his gigs for the heck of it, and I saw the facebook likes and some logo
design gigs which were pretty darn clear that those designs did not belong to him.

I’m not going to report this guy since I get the feeling he won’t be getting
orders anytime soon, it’s not a huge problem, but still, like I said, mildly annoyed by it.

…and hey, while I was typing this my coworker came to my booth and gave me a strawberry
OK, I feel better now, HAHAHA.

Chocolate; it works like magic each time.

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At least it seems to have been relegated to the bottom of the queue where I don’t see it (most of the time), instead of stuck to the top and sending my queue haywire. I’ve got a couple right now, but they’re not bothering me enough to contact CS yet. I do wish people wouldn’t offer me 500 likes for my photo/100 comments on my blog/1000 backlinked PR1 pages/Brad Pitt on a stick.

Might have gone for the last, admittedly–but it would have been a darned scam. Anyone engaging in gig offers without explicit request for an offer should be wheeled out and shot. Or at least have a thousand fake gig requests chunder up their list. At least it’s all over after you’re shot…

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