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I am concerned about the members on fiverr offering to change site reputation on mywot.
Please be aware this is a scam - no-one on fiverr or any other freelance site has the ability to do this.
Added to that, if you get caught it will do irreparable damage to your sites reputation

Don’t throw your money away, report these scammers to fiverr and ask mywot volunteers for a FREE evaluation.

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Scam mywot gigs that fiverr are allowing:
[Links removed]

Admin Note: These links were removed only because the forum rules do not permit calling out of users by gig/username for any reason. It’s a general rule which you can find by reading the forum Do’s and Dont’s. A previous post was edited due to lack of volunteer time to check all links. The post could have been removed for review and was not out of respect for your topic. Admins are not Fiverr staff.

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Hopefully this will help:

Go to Fiverr.com\support and click submit a ticket in the upper right hand corner.
Choose Trust and Safety in the request type dropdown box.

For subject, perhaps “scam gigs” and in the description (be professional and polite) give a brief explanation and you can include a list of gig links if you have them. I wouldn’t report more than 10 at once and give it a month to report more. Fiverr does not have a huge staff.

Under ticket categories choose reporting questionable gigs.

The other fields should be self-explanatory. I use this method myself and if Fiverr can find enough backing to satisfy their requirements, they will take some kind of action.

They can’t tell you what they decide for privacy reason, but I can verify that they try (slowly) to work on reported gigs. It will usually take them anywhere from 10 - 30 days for this type of report. These usually take longer as scam investigations are tough and there are usually multiple gigs or sellers involved. Good luck and thanks for helping as you see fit.

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