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Decreasing Gig Perfomance by mainly sending Custom Offers? (+increasing mutual cancellation..)


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Dear Community,

i’d like to post this in the “Tips for Sellers” category because i’m sure the discussion we have about the following matter can be helpful for each seller who has the kind of same experience

First of all i just thought i had a breakthrough this month with my video creation gigs because i tripled the monthly revenue i usually earn on fiverr 🙂 So far so good…

In my gig description i give some guidelines that potential clients need to contact me before they order, because i need to talk to them about her needs in order to get a great video done for them and to send them an individual quote. Most of the time i send them a custom offer then, which is linked and related to my gig…

Now, In the first 2 weeks of the month i got a lot of inquiries of people who were interested in my service, approx. 2 or even 3 inquiries per day. And i was able to successfully convert almost 50% of those inquiries in a sale. I thought: AWESOMENESS, now you’ve cracked the code, haha 😃

But since last week i have some concerns about the performance of the gig. I lost some ranks and it’s been a while i got inquiries. Then 2 people ordered right away and i had to cancel, so in my back office my stats were:

1 Order - 1 Cancellation - Cancellation Rate: 100%

ALTHOUGH i had in both cases a MUTUAL CANCELLATION, and fiverr support told me that mutual cancellation don’t have any negative effect on my gigs MY FIRST QUESTION I WANT TO ASK YOU:

What do you think about that? Does mutual cancellation have a negative impact on our gig performance, like ranking etc.?

Then the next thing is this: Because i always send clients a custom offer linked to my gig, i realized that These “custom offer” orders don’t appear in my stats… only instant orders.

Do you think this also has a negative impact on the gig performance, because it doesn’t appear in the stats and fiverr doesn’t count these orders and just counts orders that customers order right away and then fiverr algorhytm is like: Oh, these gigs have a bad performance, because according to the X views this gig gets, it should get X orders and if it doesn’t hit this criteria we will rank them down…

So maybe it’s a combination of increasing cancellation rate (1 order out of 10) and just getting custom offer orders that won’t be count instead of getting instant orders.

If anyone has experience with this or is in the same boat or has some words that would calm me down, i highly appreciate it!

Thanks guys and have an awesome day!


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Guest nicktribedesign

If it’s only been a week then you absolutely don’t need to panic! The market is fluid and I’m sure business will pick up again soon. If not, then try adjusting your search tags to better meet your target audience.

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I don’t look at stats as much as I should, but I only would place custom orders. I.E. I contact illustrators to give them a good idea on what I am looking for in a artist, what I want from them and to have them provide a portfolio and a quote. I do not select by popularity because the gigs I am looking for aren’t popular, cheap, ect.

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Mutual cancellations don’t generally hurt you. The only place where they can be a problem is if your cancellation rate gets higher than 10%. Having a cancellation rate higher than 10% is a cause for new sellers to not get promoted to level 1 or level 2, and if a level 2 seller has a 10% or higher rate of cancellations, that seller will probably have a difficult time getting promoted to top-rated seller because - duh - the review team wants to see sellers who keep their clients and earn more money as opposed to less.

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I alway send custom offer to my buyer cause every order have their own needs, and i can set the time dealine suit to my work.

The thing i don’t like is, when buyer order without inbox me first, they alway do order the minimum 5$ when they order must be bigger numbers. I tried to contact them but no respond and i have to mutual cancel the order. If he/she agree to cancel then fine, but some guys don’t bother to look over the order and cancel it. This mean if after 2 days the cancelation send and they don’t reply, this order will affect your cancel rate. Now i got 11% rate not by my fault…

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