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Top Gear To Earnings After Achieving Level 2


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Hello, I am Muhammad Jamshed from Pakistan.

I am basically working for Linux servers, WHM, WHMCS, wordpress, joomla, migrations too. Some of you may know that how difficult is to survive in country like Pakistan but I am Thankful to Fiverr to add a lot my original income.

Anyhow, My story is given below.

I, one day while searching on internet, saw a fiverr.com ad somewhere and I visited the website but thought that it will be a non-sense website as we come across daily however it was not.

I did signup and then I started my business here but was disappointed at the beginning because no orders were there in the beginning. I was near to leave and left visiting Fiverr.

One day, I got message from a member and I was excited about it and soon I completed my first order from that member. After a wait of 5 days, I received another order but could not complete in time because I had an issue with messaging system and buyer posted a negative review. Orders continued and then 10th order got also a negative review but after that I did hard work to gain Level 1.

After level 1, my sales were increased a bit but not very good. Anyhow, I continued hard work and achieved positive reviews so far.

Suddenly, my sales increased and I got level 2 very quickly. After achieving level 2, my sales were increased a lot and now at the time of writing this story, I have almost 105 orders completed with only 2 negative reviews that I had in the beginning.

Here are some stats from me.



Please take a review of my profile me and suggest me if I need some improvement in my gigs or profile.

[it will be necessary to mention that I have ever heard the people complaining about Fiverr support but my experience with support is excellent because I was patient. My one ticket was about to remove a negative review which was placed just because I called a member Brother while she was a girl and second was related to this because payments were on hold due to that negative review. My both issues were resolved quickly. Thanks Fiverr Support]


Muhamamd Jamshed Khan

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