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Never had such experience in my life!


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I was a happy Fiverr user just until last night. I was buying and I was trying to sell as everyone does. But suddenly everything changed! I got into my account and found out it has been restricted for trust and safety issue! So then I thought it must be some automated process which was detecting something wrong. As I had changed my email address yesterday, I figured that must have been the reason.

So, without worrying too much I went to the fiverr support( not tensed as I should have been, knowing their support was one of the best in the business! ) I opened a ticket. Stating my current account condition. I asked them to explain what was the reason behind account restriction as I was completely in dark. Got an automated email saying they will contact me within 24 hours. As promised they got back to me within 1 hour!

Great! So I opened the mail and found out a support manager called ‘EDDIE’ has responded to my ticket. So I clicked the link and went to check it. And there was his reply with my question above…

–start of conversation–

mrkfordnet Yesterday at 22:25

I see my account is restricted for security and trust reasons. And I also found out my recently posted gig has been denied after being approved. Please explain me the situation.


Eddie Yesterday at 23:00

Your account has been disabled for violations to our Terms of Service. To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

Eddie | Fiverr Customer Support

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Fiverr Customer Support


–End of conversation–

Well! I don’t remember creating multiple accounts! I just remember changing my email address. And also after changing it from my account settings I even verified it with the link they sent me! So I was bit agitated and got back to them with another reply to the ticket. I was thinking how can be they so harsh to their customers not even bothering to explain a situation! So I got there and here is what I wrote…

–My reply–

Can you please refer to me what term did I violate? I changed my email address a few hours back. Does that count as violating the terms? Then why are you giving your users an option to change their emails? Please explain!

-End of my reply–

After my reply I was frustrated but I was still confident enough that they will get back with an answer and eventually this issue will be solved. I waited and waited for 5 hours. Then I checked my ticket and I found the issue has been marked as resolved! Wow! Resolved really?

Then I went to live chat. Found someone named ‘Sara’. I told her the situation. With my utter surprise!! She told me "sorry this situation is already resolved by my teammate “Eddie” .Then?? She just left. I could not connect to anyone in live chat after that. Then a little later i found out my account has been completely disabled!!

Although I found my username was still showing on top as ‘mrkfordnet’. So I came to the forum thinking I might be able to catch the eyes of somebody by posting my story here. But then I found out I have been banned of posting in the forum too!

Then suddenly I discovered I have been completely shut out from fiverr accused of something I have not done! And their support team instead of helping me started totally blacklisting me! To be honest I have never faced such support with my 28 years of life with so many companies I have registered or worked with!

As last resort I thought at least current fiverr users should know this story. Only way to reach them was through the forum. So, I opened an email address and registered a new fiverr account( now I don’t know if I am violating the terms as I have no other option! ) with a number ‘2’ beside my previous username and now I am trying to tell the whole story here.

I hope this will ring a bell to somebody who can help me. I am sure you will at least agree, that a customer deserves better!

Kind Regards

Md Sifat Bin Momin

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