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Useful features request (LIST)


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OK. After about 2 and a half years of selling on Fiverr, this is my first actual post in the suggestion box.

Here’s a list of features I think will be useful to at least 70% of sellers here:

A) Character limit on instructions page

OK so Fiverr finally rolled out a really useful form on the instructions from the buyer page. I create videos, and the ones that are not custom made, do have some restrictions regarding text. So in my instructions page I clearly state that this text must not be over 12 characters or 8-9 words. Guess what? 60% of buyers completely ignore that, and type in long texts anyway.


Now that we do have forms, maybe a character limit set by us on some answers would be helpful?

B) Hide delivery from portfolio

Most of my buyers don’t want their video shown in my portfolio. That’s totally fine.

But they always message me about it, not knowing that they are the ones in control, and not knowing how to do it.

Some buyers even tell me that they will not post a review to close the order out, just because they fear that their video will be publicly shown.


A nice little pop up when they post a review showing them where to click to hide the deliverable would be awesome sause! 🙂

C) Seeing when the buyer has actually downloaded the delivered file

OK this may not be super helpful or life changing, but still an icon or a notification of some sort when we deliver our final product and the buyer downloads it would be nice. That way we can be prepared for revision requests, and avoid issues when buyers decide to sit on a delivery until a few months go by.


An icon next to the link maybe on the order page, showing that the file has been indeed downloaded?

D) Buyers don’t know how to download files

2/10 times the buyer hits the modification button because he/she claims the quality of the video I delivered is poor.

How can that be? Well, they only see the embedded video player which downgrades all videos to 360p, and often cuts the beginning and/or end of the delivered video.

Other times they message me to ask me how they can send the video to social media, or to their clients, because once again it’s not clear to them how to download the video. The embedded video player is huge, and the download link is tiny.


A nice little pop up showing the buyer that he can download the file and how to do it.

Feel free to add on this list, comment, or simply like so maybe these requests could gain some traction and find their way in front of Fiverr’s product team. 🙂

Thanks you guys! Stepping off the soap box now!

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I just wish I could get as much as a response from Fiverr tech support on them.

#1 Buyer Request Page attachments naming configuration.

This is the biggest thorn up my sphincter as a seller, and I’m sure you all have experienced it.

You download the example file uploaded by the Buyer (Requester), but the Fiverr server renames the file, adding a 32 character string AND DELETING THE EXTENSION of the file - rendering it unrecognizable by your operating system when trying to open it on your end.

So you have to successfully rename the file with the correct extension just to see the contents.

If the Buyer uses an excessively (in Fiverr’s opinion) long file name, you can’t even see the end of the file’s name on the list - so you have to GUESS what kind of file it is (based on the pretty icon when saving it), among 1/2 dozen different popular extension types.

WHAT A JOKE. I can’t believe any of you sellers put up with this brainless newbieness.

Regardles of what it may truly be, Fiverr’s reason for their server download process being left in this totally dysfunctional state is incomprehensible.


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#2 10 Offer Per Day Limit on Buyer Request page

OK. It’s good to keep a lid on all things spammy at the start when someone opens a seller account. I get that. You want to limit the damage before you can delete and ban the account along with the baddie. Sure.

But once someone achieves Level 1 status - clearly, there is no further need for that protection.

And a limit of 10 is a pain - when 40 new requests all come out in a 3 hour span of time.

I make nearly all of my money from requests.

Level 1 sellers should be permitted AT LEAST 20 offers per day.

Help your sellers to MAKE MORE.

Again, a no brainer.

And EASY to change it.

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Reply to @manofstone: This is definitely not a no brainer. This would limit buyers to level 1 sellers after all level 2s and TRS sent their 10 daily requests. How is it clear that there is no need for protection once someone reaches the level 1 status when level 2 status can be reached by irregular means? (friends buy your gig or you make fake accounts). I don’t think I need to explain how much easier it is to reach level 1 with those methods.

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Regarding the original post

on B) i can see how that would be helpful, as a buyer i was not aware of this either and my gig showed in the sellers reviews. However, I can see the flip side of why Fiverr would not want to do that. Because if they did and made it that obvious, many buyers would most likely choose not to do it and then many sellers would loose out on building their portfolio.

on C) not all gigs actually require files to be downloaded for delivery. So it doesn’t apply across the board. And a buyer doesn’t really have to go download it immeadiately. I would think most might, but for some buyers whatever they ordered they just need to know it’s done.

on D) why not include download instructions in your delivery messages explaining that? I get work delivered with various instructions and requests, so maybe that can help in the short term. Though I think getting questions about how to send things to social media is also just people who really don’t understand technical stuff in general.

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