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From Zero to $100


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Hurrrrrahh. .

Today I have joined the Level 1 group. 🙂

I just want to share few tips for new sellers.

  1. Be consistent and loyal to your work.
  2. Learn from Fiverr forum, it is the best place to learn how you can increase your sales.
  3. Always try to give your best.
  4. Keep on improving your gigs and descriptions.
  5. Must use all of your Buyer’s request and must respond them in a very professional way.

    I just want to add my example that I spend more than 11 hours on my initial 2 assignments to make them the best.

    thanks and regards
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wow good… Please can you visit my gig and can you guide me is it ok or not?

https :// fragglesrock

I need your few minutes to review my gig…

Sheriff’s Note: Links to your gig or profile are considered a form of advertisement and may not be included unless posting in the My Fiverr Gigs category. Your username is a hyperlink to your profile so the links are not needed.

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