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How to start?


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@saadixl It’s easy to start on Fiverr.

  1. Knowledge - You already have knowledge on HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  2. Creating Gigs - Search for HTML, CSS & Javascript on Fiverr search.
  3. Refining Search - Choose the Most Rated option from the Fiverr Search.
  4. Visit first 10 Gigs and get these goods.
  • Tags they used.
  • Description they used.
  • Title they used.
  • What job they are doing.

  1. Now you have some great scratches. Now create a super Gig combining all these scratches.
  2. Use the best keyword set out of them. Create the best crafted title combining all the titles of 10 gigs.
  3. Craft your Description well with words that makes sense to visitors.
  4. Use super pictures of sample works.
  5. Specially videos…!

    Then you’re ready to Go…!

Good Luck Friend..!
Shyam - WordPress SEO Guy,

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