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Successful Seller Tip #1: Here's how you get more orders


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I see many new sellers here on Fiverr posting comments or complaining on the forums about not getting sales – or not getting as many sales as they want. So, I’ll offer some hard advice:

If you want to get more orders…

…do not ask the rest of us to make that happen for you. We can only offer helpful tips and advice. If you want know what those helpful tips and advice are, you can read about them here in the “TIPS FOR SELLERS” forum.

YOU are the only person who is able to take the action required to increase your level of orders. Research. Study. Read the great tips and advice from other sellers. If YOU are willing to do the work, and view your gigs as a business, then YOU will find a way to make your services successful. If, however, your only goal is to sit back, complain, and hope that millions of buyers will come running to your gigs to place orders, than, unfortunately, you will find yourself greatly disappointed.

Your success is entirely up to you. Do the work. Promote. Market. Build your own success.

A motivated seller will find ways to “get more orders”. Be motivated, be proactive, do the work… or start looking for a different job that doesn’t require as much effort.

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Reply to @iamjunaid:
I would be careful how much you leave to luck. The term “luck” implies that good things come to people for no reason other than good karma. That’s not a good business model. Beyond that, though, you are correct, actions and decisions are the deciding factor to your success. Never sit back and wait for success to find you, go out and grab it.

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