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Fiverr Affiliate site - discrepancies between country of origin on media report vs. registrations report

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I have noticed discrepancies between the country of origin on the media report and registrations report on the Fiverr Affiliates site. What is the reason for this?

For example, over the past few days:

30 Apr - 10 registrations

Media report indicates:  3 Nepal, 3 Ethiopia, 2 Namibia, 1 Myanmar, 1 Kiribati

Registrations report from the same day indicates: 4 Nepal, 3 Ethiopia, 1 Myanmar, 1 Papua New Guinea, 1 Eritrea


1 May - 6 Registrations

Media report: 3 Nepal, 1 Oman, 1 Zimbabwe, 1 Fiji

Registrations report: 3 Nepal, 1 Oman, 1 Zimbabwe, 1 Papua New Guinea


I also note other oddities over the past few months -- such as .sa extension being mapped to South Africa (which is .za) -- instead of being listed as Saudi Arabia (.sa)

And, my FTB commission was associated with Namibia on one report but "XX - Unknown country" on another.


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