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Be polite, no matter what!


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Some people just have bad days.

That’s what I say to myself when I get a grumpy customer who just isn’t satisfied with a voice over that I have produced. In my 60 gigs to date, only 1 customer has ever cancelled an order - and that was mutual. He wasn’t happy with the three attempts I made, and I was definitely not happy with his lack of clarity, and ambiguous feedback. But I kept my language polite - and even recommended the equipment that he would need to record.

The result of this attitude has been 59 great gigs, many of which are repeat.

So the next time someone says something negative to you, remember that we all have bad days, and clearly that is what your customer is having right now. Be polite, provide some feedback, and keep smiling.


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It’s true, sometimes it’s a good person with a bad day. And sometimes they’re just terrible people who love to bash and insult others while hiding behind online anonymity. I had a few buyers from both groups this week and it tested the limits of my professionalism.

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I just got this experience.
If you go to my gigs page and looking at the negative review, you can see one person that called my work as a “shit”!
I’m so outrageous right now.
Not only he called my work as a shit, he also exposed my sketch.
I feel so offended.

One clue : don’t ever take a job from him.
From the first time, he’s very rude. I even talk to Customer Support how to deal with him.
What a day T_T

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First time he called my work as “shit”, I contact Customer Support immediately and demand a mutual cancellation, but he refuse and asked for revision twice.
Never use a bad word to him and I was happy he changed how he communicated with me.
But…that’s just a camouflage before his revenge 😦

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Reply to @ice_tea:
First of all, so sorry to hear this! What a miserable experience 😦

I just took a look at your reviews, and noticed two things:

  1. the Buyer’s comments reflect poorly on him, not you - so don’t lose too much sleep over this. Fortunately, you have so many wonderful reviews that this doesn’t budge your score whatsoever.

  2. your response to him however, does leave a little bit of room for improvement in terms of how people will perceive you. Leaving this type of angry response may make you look bad in the eyes of potential customers who read that review. Instead, I’d recommend something short and sweet that distances yourself from the situation without showing a display of anger. Something along the lines of “Sellers beware: fraudulent Buyer. Customer Support has been notified.” Just food for thought.

Let us know what happens!

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Reply to @david388: Thank you for your advice. I’m really appreciate it.
I will change my review with your sentence.
I didn’t think about it and I admit I was really angry back then.

Update : Customer Support already changed those Buyer Review and removed my sketch from my live porto.
It’s still has one star and they suggest me to negotiate with those Buyer, but I think it will be useless so I will just let it flow.
It’s all cool now.

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I had a similar experience before too, when a buyer actually requested for a refund and after mutual cancellation, she came back to buy a gig without actually needing it.According to her, she felt sympathetic and wanted to compensate me. i think she has a kind heart. All because, i was just as polite as possible. I think it works to be polite to customers whatever the circumstances.

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