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Gotten very few responses on my request, likely because its too vague.. anyone know accoustic design

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i need someone to help me proparly for my school work as i have a week and i may fail if i dont do this and i have so much more to do 😕

Looking for someone to DEVELOP an accoustic design for a studio with certain dimensions : length : 15 meters Height : 7.5 and width : 15 meters aswell…conrete walls, floors and ceileings. Which format of studio design (mix down, control recording room /etc.).

has to be a 2000 10%+/- written report

alnog with a 10 minute presentation - presenting fundamental details of the accoustic design assesment. details included are as follows : chosen format of studio design, dimension of design, definition and justification of music requirements including:

reverb time

standing waves

room modes

deffinition and justification of the accoustic treatment

deffinition and justification of the materials used in the design, including reasons including why these materials were chosen

Relevant calculations and diagrams

the presentation must be well organised, make well use of technology, and demonstrate the students capability to focus on the important elements of accoustic design assessment and communicate these effectively with the listener

must be prepared using microsoft POWER POINT…

i may be posting in the wrong spot… if anyone knows any one of help THIS IS URGENT and i will PAY ALOT… 🙂

thanks… hope im not breaking any rules posting this!

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obviously i know that posting in asking for a gig should get me a response thanks, but im just stating that there are people who don’t understand the objective applying and i wanted to be more specific than using just a few hundred words as a headline but i needed to explain everything in detail…

@greatlikes may u care to explain the report of multiple spam posts and warnings cos i have gotten none! and this was a simple innocent question

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Reply to @wholethingoff: While I don’t know anything about acoustic design, and since the Buyer Request doesn’t seem to be working for you, I would try messaging sellers who offer services close to what you need. Look through the relevant categories and send your requirements to them through a message. Someone may be able to help you, even if they don’t have a Gig specifically selling what you need.

And the spam report in @greatlikes post was directed at him from a Sheriff, not you. He’s been breaking rules left and right on the forum. It’s nothing you need to worry about.

Anyway, I hope you manage to find someone to help you!

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