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How to know the sales number for any gig?


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I’m new here, I have some skill in after effects and I would like to start a gig here on fiverr! I was looking for a way to know the number of sales for the gigs in my niche just to know the demand power of my niche, but I couldn’t find a way to know that! So, is there a way to know the sales number for any gig?!

If there is no way, then based in your experience as a seller, what’s the estimation number of the buyers compared to those who post positive reviews? If we say a gig got 100 positive reviews, what’s the estimation number of the buyers for the gig based your experience?

thank you

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You can pretty much ask for as many gigs as you think it would be fair considering how much you work. Establish for yourself what you are willing to do for $5, then try to separate what goes into another gig or what can be counted as an extra.

I do some basic video editing and I work on 15 minute videos per gig and included in that gig, I offer two unlimited services (like unlimited cutting and unlimited transitions between the cuts). If the video is longer than 15 minutes, then the buyer needs to order another gig. If the video is 15 minutes or less but the buyer wants more services, he/she buys another gig per every 2 extra things he or she wants to be done to their video.

I don’t know if you want to work with creating things or editing videos. I just told you my prices to give you an idea. There are sellers who like to work on shorter videos but don’t mention their prices regarding how much they are willing to do to your video. It’s all up to you.

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