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Dealing with rude buyers


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I’m not sure where to post this since it doesn’t really fit into any of the discussions, so I figured I would post in here.

Today, a buyer approached me for a custom order. Being new to Fiverr, and not having a lot of people going to my gigs, I want to be able to get any opportunity I can get my hands on. However, after talking with said buyer, they started to ask for more and more and request obscene amount of changes. And when I tell them no or tell them something else, they start accusing me of ripping them off even though I’m just offering other alternatives.

Experiencing something like this really takes a blow to my pride and it definitely shines a negative light on Fiverr and makes me want to close my gig. I just don’t want to waste my time and effort dealing with buyers like them, especially when I’m trying to be a professional as possible.

How do experienced sellers deal with clients such as these? Is there a function to block them or do you just ignore their requests?

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Just be confident, talk nice to them even if they’re rude, explain to them exactly what they will get before you start working, either they accept it or not, explain in your gig description what you’re offering exatly and if you offer modifications or not, never ever give something you can’t do juts to make some money, do what you can to get good reviews and keep your rating positive.

Be nice to your buyers and if they get rude or give you a bad rating because you didn’t give them what they want knowing that you did not mention in in your gig, you can contact customer support about it they will help.

when a buyer is rude always be calm and respond nicely and suggest simply if they don’t like what you’re offering they can leave or cancel, don’t start working till you explain to them exactly what they will get, or deliver works watermarked so that if they want to cancel they can’t get both the wrk and their money, deliver watermarked work and if they like it you can send them the original work without watermak.

Never be afraid of bullies or rude buyers, when things get out of your hands always contact CS as long as you’re following the rules and being nice, you will always win the dispute.

Good luck %%-

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I had the same problem, but in my case the potential buyer hadn’t ordered anything, but kept asking for a lower price though I gave him ridiculously low price.
Now if he makes the order I’m not sure I want to do anything for this person. Is there a way to cancel or decline his order?

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Welcome to the forums.
Just like any business, there are good guys and bad guys.
I am sorry you had come across the bad guy.

You are starting out new, it is time for you to build reviews and repeat customers.
This might sound stupid but you should actually listen to everything the buyer is asking you to do. These first reviews will go a looong way.
After you become level 1/2, you can say no to the buyers and suggest to buy an extra gig but right now, I don’t think the negative review is worth anything.

Also, if possible, just ask for a mutual cancellation. You should not get a negative review as soon as you start out.

This is what I think and what I would do.

Hope you stay on Fiverr and not close your gig.

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: Hello! Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much for this! I really appreciate your insight. I ended up working things out with the buyer and I guess it was just communication issues. The other buyer was super excited for the artwork while I was trying to remain as professional as possible. In the end, she gave me a pretty awesome review. So I’m really glad things turned out for the better!

I quite appreciate the watermarked suggestion, though. It’s really clever, and I will definitely use that from this point on.

Again, thank you!

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