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What does a Fiverr order form look like?

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A few questions about sellers sending information to a buyer:

  1. Can anyone tell me or give me a link to a Fiverr order forms page? (even screenshots of the order form would be cool)
  2. How much detailed information is allowed on the form?
  3. I have created a secure fillable pdf form for buyers to fill out and send back. Is this allowed?

    If anyone has any ideas on this matter… please respond.

    Thank you and have an awesome day 🙂
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As far as the order based on Fiverr, you decide what goes in the requirements fields. When you create a gig you decide what to put in your gig description. After that you fill out a minimum of one text field of requirements. I would advise you to make that one a required field for buyers. Technically buyers can just type “hi” and submit the order to you, but most will answer that field. You have a choice of some additional requirements fields and you can also make those optional or required and that’s pretty much it.

Most Fiverr gigs work fine without any other form at all. You are allowed to send attachments to the buyer after that point and a .pdf shouldn’t be an issue. Unless you use it to get around the Fiverr Terms of Service (like putting your contact information on it or asking for outside payment) you can probably use it. I’m not sure there is a good reason for it, though, especially if you use it incorrectly.

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