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Advice for a newbei

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Hello, Fiverr community.

I am new here and I hope you can give me some advice that will help me make it here on Fiverr.


Sheriff’s Note: New user questions and gig review requests are asked frequently in Tips and they overwhelm the category. These requests will often be moved to Fiverr Stories, Conversations, or Fiverr FAQ depending on best fit. Be sure to look at Discussions and Announcements and search by keywords.

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@olivia_ellis - Welcome to Fiverr!

Everything you need is embedded in a discussion topic recently created that has approximately 10 golden discussion links about how to rack up sales as a newbie or even as an established seller.


Please go through them carefully and you should be getting dozens of orders in No time.

@logo_desing - That is definitely one of the BEST tips in this entire community 🙂



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