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Help! i am new here

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every one.

i hope i will get some help in here.

since i am new to fiverr… i have no order and no rating.

so i even don’t get more then 10 impressions.

i did the seo things and others to make my gig visible.

but i think something is still missing.

i would like to let you know that;

i am AVAILABLE for orders of logo, business cards, social media cover and profile picture, banner, postcards, Leaflet, Envelop, Letter Head, t shirt design, Icon, favicon, CD cover & label, Newspaper Ads, flyers, Em ail signature, poster, sticker, badge, etc.

if any one need any of these i will be giving express delivery with jpg png for standard order.

or if any of you get an idea what is missing please surely comment.

Thank you for reading.


p.s. my url is https://Fragglesrock

Sheriff’s Note: Please do not add self-promotion in posts unless the post is in My Fiverr Gigs.

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Hours reading the forum will give you the best results. It can’t be packed into a simple response to your question.

Competition is your biggest problem getting started. 37,000 gigs are offered for “logos”. If I’m not mistaken, when I looks at it last week it was 30,000. Which means there are 7000 new logo gigs in 1 week. Does everyone new on Fiverr start out with a logo gig?

Only 800 gigs offer “banner graphics”. There is about 700 gigs in my whiteboard category.

I would try a smaller category. You will possibly get traction faster.

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Hey! I looked at your Gigs and I noticed that you only have 1 image in every Gig.

Fiverr offer you to upload 3 Images, always upload 3 images. This is very Important. because I started on Fiverr about 4-5 Weeks ago and I get 4 orders in last 7-8 Days. because in my first 4 weeks, my every gig had 1 image and short description. Then I Upload 3 Images and Write Long description.

See you on level 1



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Hi there !!

I am not expert, but would like to share few things that might help you !!

  1. Your Logo designing Gig picture is not pleasing !! I have ordered many Logo’s on Fiverr from newbies, but I take that risk only if their presentation was pleasing !! Try to change the picture which can impress others (You can display some of your best works).

  2. When I order anything from someone who doesn’t have any rating or review the first and foremost thing I expect from them is Quick Response, Less than 24hrs Delivery, Unlimited number of revisions and all different formats without paying more than 5$. So, I would suggest you also to do the same way, instead of charging 20$ for source file right from beginning !! (Most of the people on fiverr don’t like to spend more than 5$) Once after you get some initial orders then you can start charging 20$ for source file.

  3. If possible try to get some video introduction about your work and about yourself. Because when people see you as a person they can trust you better than being anonymous.

  4. In long run try to give somethings free for your returning customers.

  5. Join relevant groups on Facebook and other social networking platforms and share your Gig. (Don’t Spam).

  6. Under Mysales–> Buyer’s request option you have so many customized requirements from various interested buyers, go there and check if any buyer is requesting for Logo designing and send him your offer. (Daily Limit 10).

  7. Last but not the least have patience. It took a lot of time for me to receive my first order.

    All the best and let me know once after you receive your first order !!


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