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Good News Sellers!


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You spoke and we listened!

1) Now you can cancel incomplete orders that are waiting for requirements with just a click.

No more waiting for support to cancel them for you. When your order is pending requirements for more than 7 days, you’ll be prompted with the option to cancel it.

You’ll get the option for mutual cancellation and Force cancel as usual. In this case only, both cancel options will have no effect on your gig rating, seller rating or cancellation percentage.

(If the order moves to “In progress” or any later status we get back to the old rules.)

We hope that this will make it easier for you to get rid of those pesky incompletes!

2) Express Giggers: When you request a mutual cancellation it will stop the clock.

That’s right! No more watching the clock run out before you hear back from the buyer. From now on, when you request a mutual cancellation, the clock on your Express Gig will stop.

With this, you won’t lose your Express status because of a mutual cancellation request.

3) Mutual cancellations are now available even after you deliver.

You can now request a mutual cancellation after you deliver an order to your buyer and the funds for that order are still in clearing (approx 14 days after the order is completed). If your buyer agrees, their feedback will automatically be removed.

With this addition, you’ll be able to provide buyers with refunds on the spot.


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Guest soldierdollar

When a buyer provides half of the information and disappears in the blue…what happens?

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Great new Feature. I have talked about this before but how do you deal with this issue:

Someone that I have not only delivered a gig too and went above & beyond but gave him the gig 2 more times above & beyond (when he complained about not seeing enough traffic which I make clear is no guarantee and it’s only his word because I even used a shortened link in one tweet and saw click results).

Now after all that, they are asking for even more than that (sharing to other social networks, when that wasn’t part of the gig) and more

than what is promised in the gig. They have threatened a negative review AND

keep asking for a refund. I really don’t want my rating to be effected and feel like

it’s unfair for buyers to be able to hold so much over our head, especially for the 4 bucks we get for it.

Any opinions or ways to help me deal with this buyer?

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Good options for the sellers 🙂

Between i got around 12 orders in my list with Incomplete info, No clue why buyers have purchased my gig and not send the info regarding the job 😃

@Fiverr admin: I dont see a order cancel option in any of the gigs, HELP!

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Reply to @madmoo: I had a couple dating February and got the option to delete them by myself with this new feature. Naturally “Cancelled Orders” count increased… and honestly I’m not too happy about this…

Can Fiverr manage the count not to increase with this feature?

What can you tell us @kevinwill? You know that for us sellers it’s important 😉

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Reply to @madmoo: they don’t count, but your “cancelled orders” count increases… so how can you distinguish cancelled orders that count from the ones that don’t? I mean: if these cancellations don’t count (as stated above) they should not appear on our tabs, or IMHO this could lead to confusion…

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Reply to @madmoo: I hope Fiverr could fix in the future:

  • Banned users conversations from Inbox: I have a lot of these conversations I cannot neither delete nor archive because users have been banned/cancelled; I asked Customer Support guys and they told me they cannot do anything (months ago)
  • Do not increase cancelled orders count when orders are cancelled from us/CS because incomplete
  • Delete (on request) past incomplete cancelled orders and reset counter
  • Give us the opportunity not to count cancelled orders because buyer bought by mistake (yesterday I had two, one ordered all my extras too!!)
  • Unread messages count: many times happens that this count is higher than messages we have on “Unread messages”; Customer Support fixed this for me not less than 3 or 4 times (the first many months ago)… so it’s a known bug.

    Just some idea, but I’m sure there are other problems user are complaining for.

    Maybe we should create a thread for these items so we can avoid duplicated posts all around this forum and we help Fiverr to keep track of bugs/requests?
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Reply to @madmoo: yeah, but we all have many old incomplete orders, and those are the most buggy ones… my oldest incomplete orders are from mid 2010 😦 

[later edit] Not to mention that if I now start cancelling all my incomplete orders, the cancellation count will have a big spike, which could ultimately kill my badge 😦 

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Reply to @madmoo: as you can see, with old incomplete orders you can “Force Cancel” and it’s clearly said that “has no effect on your rating”.

That said, I repeat that “cancelled orders” count increase !!

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