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Several Tips For Being A Successful Seller on Fiverr


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I will share several tips and what makes me a successful seller here on fiverr

  1. I try to be a real professional at what I’m offering
  2. I try to complete orders and to deliver asap no matter what my delivery time says - in other words I’m trying to clear my queue on a daily basis and people are so happy when they can get their services so fast
  3. I try to leave feedback to all my customers too - We all expect to get a positive feedback but I’ve noticed that there are many sellers that do not care anymore for their buyers after getting a positive feedback and order completion (big mistake). Otherwise if they get a negative they DO care a lot… I even check periodically for late feedback left after automatic order completion and I leave too
  4. I try to not just leave a feedback to my buyers but to send them a personal message thanking for their feedback and to show them that I really appreciate it.
  5. I always deliver at least 1 or 2 bonuses
  6. I try to respond to all my inbox messages super fast in a very professional manner and many inquiries convert into sales
  7. I do my best to find some time to contact my buyers even after weeks or months after using my services to see if everything is ok and if they need my further advice or help. This has helped me getting many returning customers.
  8. I work hard very often to deliver a demo to my buyers before they have even placed an order. Finally I end with very happy and satisfied with my behaviour customers and lots of tips.

    These are only a small part of all my tips so I hope that some of you will find them useful. Thanks for reading this and good luck!
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