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Hey all!

As a top rated seller, much of my life is spent on Fiverr, and I love it! Fiverr is beyond wonderful! But even so, when you work as much as I do on Fiverr, you are bound to think, at times, “Man, I really which (fil in the blank) could be improved.” And these are things only an experienced seller would realize from countless hours on the site. I want Fiverr to continue to get bigger and bigger. That is why I am proposing they start focus groups. Most of the big companies do it (heck, I’ve been part of plenty of them), and they really work. Fiverr (and all it’s sellers and buyers) would benefit so much from some new ideas. Here are some I just came up with, over the past couple weeks, while working in Fiverr:

• Signatures in messages to clients and an option to autofill a message

• A better “contact us,” where the message doesn’t go through as a “guest” for top rated sellers

• A bigger “request gigs section”

• Why do we have to wait 2 weeks for pay?

• Actual profiles where we can write more on us

• A directory of sellers, rather than just categories

• Fiverr should not be able to just “delete” (deny) an established gig without warning.

If everyone brought ideas like these to a focus group, can you imagine how amazing it would be?

That is why I propose we START FIVERR FOCUS GROUPS!

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On request gigs section:

I totally agree. I think there should be an area on the website where it’s dedicated to just “Request Gigs” section and perhaps there can be a filter options where sellers can filter through various requests and find some that they can specifically target.

On 2 weeks for pay:

I don’t find this problematic. Most hourly jobs pay you every two weeks for your work right? I’ve never had a job that gives you your money after every hour lol.

On actual profiles:

I think this is a great idea! I’d also like the profiles to be customizable and maybe have the option for sellers to add banners and other graphics to make their gig page a bit more unique.

Some ideas of mine:

  1. Option to filter through your gigs on “Manage Sales”. Will be helpful in terms of organization if you offer multiple gigs. It would be easier to filter specific gigs if you want to work on them on one day, etc.

  2. Option to download a spreadsheet of transactions and sales for better organization and to see how you’re doing financially with your gigs.

  3. Option to “flag” and send back gig orders for buyers who have not followed instructions or compensated you enough for the project

  4. Filter gigs by country

  5. Auto suspend inactive gigs so new ones don’t get buried with the old ones that have not been making sales for months

  6. Auto delete “incomplete” orders from buyers who have not updated or sent you instructions for your gig in weeks and months

  7. “See preview” of a newly created gig before publishing

    My ideas are pretty small but I think will be useful, well for me maybe lol.
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