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Why am I not getting any sales?


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Hello everyone! It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve posted my first gig on fiverr in March 2015. So far I’ve gotten over

600 impressions and 60+ clicks, but not getting any orders yet.

Would any experienced sellers tell me what I’m doing wrong? here is my link. ( I’m not looking to advertise on this forum)

Any sincere feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Guest annakayedwards

Hi @sky60148,

I agree completely with @daveevad. As soon as you are able to, try scanning and uploading the images. The quality will be much better and you will be better able to sell people on your service.

Also, try putting what you are offering at the top, above your bullet points then indicate… “These drawings may be used for…” then list the bullet points. That will also make the story (of what you’re selling) clearer.


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