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How did we make 696$ in our first month on Fiverr?


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I have been seeing a lot of threads about people not getting orders and what-not, so I figured I would post our story so far, so you can learn from it. I have read a few threads where people share their first month and second month earnings and I was surprised to find out that there are a lot of people getting one or two orders with some not even getting a single one. So I am 100% sure this will help a lot of people here. Let me specify that we do SEO services, but the principals we did will apply to any niche. I will make this like a history timeline. In my mind it looks cool, so let me show it to you. Let’s go.

Feb. 25 - We created the account with the name “inet_solutions”. Why “inet_solutions” you would ask? Quite simply it clicked with what we do and plan on doing and it sounds very professional wouldn’t you say?

Feb. 25 - March 2

Research of the Fiverr market. What is trending? What are the best niches? What are the most popular keywords? The purpose of this research was to find that thin line of a not so highly competitive keywords, that are still searched a lot for. So we came up with a set of keywords. Now that we have our target audience it was time to create outstanding services for these people.

March 3

The creation of our first gig. Since we love writing and our English is at a very high level compared to most people, we decided to create a writing gig that will provide SEO content. There are a few steps to creating an eye-catching gig and I will outline them here, but they will apply for all the gigs down the timeline. Number one is research. Without a good research you will fail even before you started. This includes, as mentioned above, target keywords, target niche, etc. Then comes the gig representation and this is a very important one, because if you don’t do this right your gig will just be on of the many, rather than being outstanding.

Let’s start with the title. You have the possibility to make one of the words in your title be in UPPERCASE. Be very smart about the choice of the keyword you make to be in capital letters. It will be the one that people will first notice. It has to be something special!

Then we move onto the video and the thumbnail. I will say this just once. Without a great video presenting your gig you will keep on opening threads asking why you are not getting any sales. The video is an absolute must and it has to be done right. So we came up with something that I haven’t seen here on Fiverr - a flip chart. I have seen whiteboards, people standing infront of the camera, but that was not very outstanding to me. I wanted to create videos that will immediately compel, subconsciously, the client to click on the gig and check it out. And what catches the eye? Colors my friends. It is an instinctive response that our eyes will be attracted to colors. Just like in the animal kingdom where the alpha males stand out with more bright colors, of course for the species that attract in that sort of way. So I came up with this idea to put a board on the wall behind the person talking in the video. And I bought different colors of square papers and markers. Then I wrote some big words on each piece of paper. Don’t get me wrong, the intention is not to just catch the eye of a person, but to also help out. If you take a closer look at these words, you can find a lot of meaning in the way they are positioned. These are very important words, that I have found out to make a person’s mindset stronger. The next step was to draw something on the flip chart that shows, in a professional and design friendly way, what our service is about. Just in a few sentences and drawings, nothing more.

The final step is the description. Here is where you will write, in detail, what service you will provide for the customer. Always keep in mind that thin line between underselling and too low of an offer. Make sure you leave enough space for over-delivery. After all, when you are just starting out, you want to make an impression and you pretty much HAVE to do more than whatever anyone else is doing. Make the description keyword rich, but don’t overdo it. Your main asset here is the quality of your service! You can have the BEST presentation in the whole wide world, but if you provide low quality services, then you will get negative reviews for sure.

After we did all these things we published the gig. And next came the promotion of the gig. Which was not that vast as you might think. We posted on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. That’s about it. Again, nice provocative posts with trending #hashtags and in relevant groups and communities.

March 4

No orders yet. But we didn’t care about that. We we already preparing our next gig and we were also aware, that if we do not give up, but just keep on pushing, the orders will come naturally. There is just no way around it. This is universal law and who are we to question mother Nature? Anyway, we prepared everything for the next gig. Again, just like the previous one - research, video representation plan, promotion campaign. This gig was going to be our first link building offer for the community of Fiverr. And after we published it, I think it was just 2 or 3 hours before our first 2 orders came in. Let’s get to work! That night one more order came in. So that was 3 orders in just a few hours after launching the gig! What’s even better is that the first order for the SEO content gig came in on the next day as well.

Now I don’t remember the exact days of the following events, but before the end of the month, we launched another 3 link building services, 2 of which were very successful for a first level seller. In total, for March, we got 696$ from 106 orders and received 60 positive 5 star reviews. This will be the OP for now. If there is a lot of interest in this thread, I will post more details about our work and answer questions people have below in the comments. Keep pushing guys!

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That’s all very good and I congratulate you on your sales prowess. But an important thing to remember is that making sales on Fiverr is as much about luck - as in the systems even functioning - as it is about ‘salesmanship’.

There are plenty of threads from new sellers (the ones who aren’t too busy fulfilling orders to post) jumping for joy about how their first weeks or months have been awesome. The parameters change with each level, and each ‘rotation’ Fiverr performs on category and search. While I wish you the best on Fiverr, it’s very likely that at any time, exactly what you’ve been doing, won’t result in successful sales.

Don’t be disappointed. 😉

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Reply to @liverpoolmusic: Thanks 🙂 We do our best not only to provide quality services, but also to present them, so that we get customers in the first place.

Also, great gigs, we have guys into mixing/mastering themselves, so we know how exhausting your job is. It is really impressive that you made it to Top Rated Seller status. Pretty sure we have a lot to learn from you :}

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Thank you! It’s taken a huge amount of work, lots of sleepless nights and persistence. Really paying off now, have seen a steady increase in orders since TRS, and because I’d put all the systems in place already, I was ready for them. Always honing, improving and developing the gigs though, based on what customers ask me for most regularly. Sure you’ll get there too!

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