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It's request to fiverr..kindly make funds clearence period short ?15 days is too late!

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The clearance period is for the seller’s protection. If anything, Fiverr is going to make it longer, not shorter, now that PayPal has extended the time that someone can initiate a chargeback (I think it’s up to sixty days or something now). Essentially, that clearance period is supposed to ensure that the buyer doesn’t initiate a chargeback for money that you’ve already withdrawn from your account.

It’s been said 189092348098234 times on the forum: if you work a “real” job, in the real world, you have to wait (usually more than) two weeks to get paid. If you were a freelancer out there alone, you’d likely have to wait much longer than to get paid and you’d have to chase down the payments yourself.

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