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  1. still you have to wait for 3 days, inform your buyer to complete the order. If he dont want then wait for 3 days, it will automatically complete but you will not get the review
  2. I like the Fiverr new Gig package feature. some days ago , i got the result. Thanks fiverr
  3. yes, i also noticed that Girls are getting more orders then Boys ! its because of the Buyers choice
  4. hi, my buyer send me the details requirements. i have done what he wanted,i delivered the order but he dont complete my order.i contact several time but he is not responding. What shall i do now? Please suggest me what to do now. i know it will complete with in 3 days but if he cancel the order then what shall i do. Regards, bipulroybpl
  5. wonderful post ! i will follow the instructions. it will help me to increase my sell …
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