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Hello everyone…

hope you are well. I am 4 months old here in fiverr.com. Actually 5th month is running.

For the first 4 months it was so frustrating for me. But the month March is a great one. I received 4 orders already.

I do 3d rendering works. It’s my profession. Mostly I do projects using various sites. I am an active user of odesk, Elance, Freelancer. And fiverr is my another addition from now on.

3d rendering works is not really a 5$ job. So I am in love with the custom quota system of fiverr. For the 4 orders I sent custom quota to my clients and they accepted without any question.

But I need to know few things.

If a client accept my custom offer does that mean an escrow?

My first order finished perfectly. I am having problem with my second order. I have finished the job perfectly. Deliver the order with the source file. Client thanked me and said he is very happy with the outcome. But is not marking the order as finished. I requested him for ending it and now he is not replying.

So what’s gonna happen if client don’t mark the order finished? Do I get the amount agreed with the client?



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