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How to be best article writer on fiverr

Guest writermaster2

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Rule 1 mate. Don’t buy your first order.

That review is clearly you. People aren’t stupid on here.

I mean you are writermaster2 and the review is articlewritera1.

You ‘both’ make the same grammar mistakes…

COME ON! =))

I offer classes for non native speakers on s***e for 30 minutes - 1 gig. :bz

You are clearly not a native speaker so I don’t know how you plan to write articles for people in broken English. Have you considered doing it in your own language?

Contact me if you want help with your spoken and written English. In the mean time please don’t post any more fake reviews dude… :(|)

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articlewritera1 offers basically the same gigs as writermaster2. I agree, they’re probably the same person. Although with articlewritera1’s gigs, the descriptions are better. It appears they’re copied from Top Rated Sellers.

Example -



@writermaster2 - I don’t think writing is your thing. You should offer a different service (If Fiverr doesn’t ban you first).

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