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Does anyone else have issues with their new Gigs not activating?


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I’m constantly having issues with glitches on Fiverr but this one worries me the most.

My very first gig has over a hundred views and I have over 50 sales on it, which is great! However, every gig I made after it has 0 views and obviously 0 sales. I tried driving traffic to them, but still no luck.

Then I noticed that even though every gig says it’s active, the counter at the top tells me I only have 1 out of 4 gigs active! I contacted Customer Support and when I checked this morning, it said 4 out of 4 gigs are now active. Great! So I made a new gig…Now it’s still saying 4 out of 5 gigs are active.

By time Customer Support can fix this, the gig has dropped out of sight from the top of the new page and I’m lost in the flow of endless gigs. It seems to happen with every one I post, and being on the top of the new gigs, even for an hour or so, is crucial for sales and traffic.

Any advice, fellow Fiverr’s?

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