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I joined Fiverr in January and I didn't know, how to get buyers and how to sell and alot of things.

I just found,this blog and I really don't Know anything.

So I created some gigs and just waited and i waited for 1 month and no one bought from me, I was so disappointed and I had No hope in getting buyers.And even I said all the buyers are going to the level 2 and top rated Users.

I hated every User Who gets Buyers. I have send more 200 Request for buyers and No one Bought.Then I Hated Fiverr and rated it 1 star and Typed No Buyers and everyone is a Seller.

Then Closed Fiverr but my account was available for orders.I didn't Close it. So 1 Buyer came and I didn't Know and rated me 1 star and then after 2 months I saw his Comment.

I was happy because people are viewing my gigs, After that day,I got Some Hope.And Started To create t-shirt designs, After 3 hours after i finished creating the Gig, I got 2 orders. at That moment I felt Happiness, then 5 Star rating, after 3 days i was able to finish 7 orders and got Level One Seller (YAY!) I was so happy, But then I had Exams for my Master Degree for Graphic Designing.So I didn't Know there something called Pause Gig, So I deleted my gig and now from 4 days i didn't get any Buyers and i think am gonna repeat what happened in January.

So this is me and I want To Say to Every seller and buyer on fiverr and Good luck.


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You hated me for no reason ? How rude. j.k.

It takes time for new people. For some it works out quickly. For others a little late.

Make sure to use correct tags, titles, description, samples, videos for the gigs.

Did you really delete the gig or just suspend? You must have suspended and it can be activated from the suspended section.

If you are a graphic designer you can offer logo, banner, vector conversions and similar services.

And in your free time, start learning new stuff. Programs like Photoshop, Illustrator.

And never stop learning. Keep checking this forum for some great tips.

Good luck and I hope you become successful here soon.

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Guest itsyourthing
hdlogodesigner said: I joined Fiverr in January and I didn't know, how to get buyers and how to sell and alot of things.
Wow! You're freaking gorgeous! If you want to make sales, you should create a promotional video for each of your gigs and start selling testimonial vids. You'd sell dozens per day! ;)



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