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Buyer asks for money back


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For the first time since my time here.

Im facing a strange situation, need advice.

First i decide with the buyer over messages about what he wants.

He wants me to make the pictures he gave me high res and rewrite all the text on it again.

I do that, which took two complete days, and i send him the high res files and the working files.

Now he updates saying, the image is high res, and the text is rewritten but the quality is not good, and I could have done it myself etc. I need my money back.

Any suggestions as to what Im supposed to do now?

or what I should do


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Well two choices…

  1. Risk getting a negative review by the buyer, or even cancellation if its in late status
  2. Submit a cancellation before its too late for a mutual cancellation…

    I would bite the bullet this time and cancel it, make a claim on your description that all sales are final… but you offer so many modifications.

    Unless of course you can make the picture even better then try that first.
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It is painful, but it is going to happen. You probably do really good work, so it is probably not your work. This buyer is not a good match with you and that is OK.

You have 2 options. Offer a mutual cancellation and probably not receive negative feedback, or not offer a refund and have a forced refund with negative feedback.

I would always prefer to give a refund and keep my ratings.

This has happened to me about 6 times in 1100 projects. Sometimes it’s $5.00 and it’s easy. sometimes it’s $250.00 and it’s more painful. I try to not let new customers order big projects on there first few orders. This helps the risk factor.

In the end I am confident in what I provide, I show clear examples of what my deliveries will be, and I think people should love the work or they shouldn’t pay for it.

It’s a big step for them to mutually cancel an order. At that point I won’t be able to do future work with them and if they like my work, that is not in their best interest.

Unfortunately, it’s not about the effort you put in it. It’s about if they like it are they able to use it.

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Reply to @landongrace: I know there is potential for scammers. In 1100 orders I just haven’t seen it myself. Maybe I vet them before they order? I don’t know what it is? I do turn down about 25% of requests before orders are even placed. I can read a script and notes and know what will work for me and what won’t.

I have not looked at your gig, so this is not directed towards you. It is really easy to setup a gig, but it take alot more skill to provide a good product and service. I have seen people say before that it’s just $5.00. That’s not true. You have to treat it like it’s the last $5.00 they have. That’s how they perceive it.

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Another thing I forgot to tell is that

He ordered two gigs, one of $45 and the other of $5

On the very first day he ordered, I delivered two files and asked if that was what he was looking for, he didnt reply untill today.

and what has happened is that, the gig with $45 got automatically complete, through the 3 days formula. hes communicating with me through the one $5 gig.

I hope Im clear?

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Start the mutual cancellation on the $5.00 open order.

Write in the general message to your customer that you want to mutually cancel both orders and list the order numbers. You are communicating to the customer, but you are also giving text, that CS can easily see in your dialog with the customer. Let the customer know you are contacting CS to process the mutually cancellations. Then start a ticket with CS and they will be able to do it after it has posted complete. I had one that we mutually cancelled more than 30 days after it posted. I didn’t have to. For me, it was just the right thing to do.

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You can still cancel the order for him… see attached:

go to your dropdown when mouse on name;

Click "manage sales"

Click "completed"

Click on the gig you want canceled

Click "Resolution Center"

Fill out the cancellation form and submit it

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Best Tip for you and other sellers. Before the final work delivery think from the buyer’s point of view if happy and satisfied with your own work and you think ‘’ it was useful for you if it was done for you by any other seller’’ then its good you can deliver it. if you are not satisfied with the work make it more better. if you happy with all your work with buyers point of view then it ok deliver him, all after this if buyer is not satisfied and saying for refund what we can do, simply refund him… its good than hi place bad feedback… bad feed back can reduce your orders and make other buyer think twice before buy from you…

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