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New Tipping System


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I just wanted to thank Fiverr for implementing the new tips system, where buyers are asked if they would like to tip as part of the review process.

I have already had a few tips from this system and I will be able to get rid of my “tips gig” which I had setup previously.

A nice addition to the site!

Anyone else noticed an up-turn in tips?

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Yes, this has been awesome. I’m a newbie and I’ve gotten only 10 sales so far, but they have been good ones (I do legal/business so I won’t get lots of orders per day like some, but my orders aren’t $5 either so I’m ok with that). I’ve gotten 2 tips so far and I am really appreciative. As a newbie I have the lowest available space for Gigs so I wasn’t too keen on creating a Gig for tips. I like that the tip option is created once they complete the order, I think it makes Buyers more likely to actually leave a tip.

Great inclusion Fiverr!

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