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  1. @nywriter0422 Any update? Posts like this get me so scared. I read yesterday that someone was having trouble withdrawing $8K! I think Fiverr has been having issues with their revenue function. I would be so pissed if I worked hard and lost my money!
  2. Reply to @vainpaper: Thank you so much for your offer vainpaper! I inboxed you for the spreadsheet template. I think the main thing for me is that I would see my hourly rate. Since I am a newbie I am creating lots of templates from scratch and I make sure that I have all the legal research right. So a doc I charge $15 for may take 3 hours to create because I am starting from the beginning. I want to see my increase in hourly rate once I have my templates created. For instance, I had an order completed yesterday for 3 types of docs, I did my research and fine tuned everything. Today I received another order for the same type of docs from another Buyer so my hourly rate will be much higher since I already have the templates and I can just tweak the docs as necessary. I am using this beginning stage as a learning period and taking it one step at a time. Seeing how productive I am via a spreadsheet will make me fully aware of how efficient my Fiverr side business is. If Fiverr says I made $500, that $500 would mean a lot more if I were working 5 hours as opposed to 20 hours.
  3. Reply to @landongrace: In the legal world we name files the same way! You can only guess how many files are named “Power of Attorney”, so when saving a file we put it as “Power of Attorney.ClientName01.01.15” ; if there is a revision on the same date it is “Power of Attorney.ClientName01.01.15 v.2”. We also use the “file name and path” function on each document so that we can easily find it within the specific clients folder and go to the exact version of the doc we need.
  4. Hi everyone! I’m a newbie who just made Level 1 today! YAY me !! Anyway, for those sellers who have a long history and many sales, do you keep a spreadsheet of what work you’ve done in the past? I know there is an icon for “repeat buyers”, but does Fiverr give you a breakdown of all your sales since the beginning of time for each gig? I don’t know if it is worth doing my own spreadsheet, but if it is I should start now while my sales are only about 15. If you do have your own spreadsheet, what kind of info. do you track? Thanks!
  5. I use Craigslist and Backpage in the top cities in the U.S., I’ve tried some small business forums and legal sites as well, but it is difficult finding places to put my ad. I don’t think I’ve gotten much traffic, if any, from my advertising.
  6. This is awesome James! I am newbie and while I’ve hit a few sales I haven’t hit level 1 yet. I am screening through all the advice posts that I can!
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