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Give equal chance for success

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Hello fiverr CS and editorial team…

We can see selected gigs on high rating and recommended list. There is no chance to success on fiverr new sellers and other lot of sellers from around the world. Every orders getting to first one or two pages of high rating and recommended list. We can see same gigs on these pages. But we all are happy to work with you and get some orders and earn something. But here rich man going to richest. Poor man going poorest.

Check online marketing social marketing category first pages every time same gigs and they are getting tons of order per a day. But we are getting 0 orders. But we all are offering same service with same quality. Guaranteed. We do not need tons of orders. But if you can give chance to get 2 - 3 orders per a day.

I think you will look for this. And also i suggest to get some replies from same sellers suffering this problem.

Look forward better reply. thanks

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