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Thread for Pakistani Sellers


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السلام وعلیکم آل مائے پاکستانی سیلرز۔

I am new here, I have seen many Pakistani sellers on level 2. So this thread is for them.

I would like to ask them that what they have done for reaching on level 2. Please share some kind of experience being on Fiverr.

e.g. Most requested gigs.

creating paypal card.

withdraw money,

communication with buyers and etc.

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  1. you have to create appealing title with one UPPER case letter in it.
  2. Add images to your gis, its better if design your own images if your are as designer on fiverr.
  3. Write great Description. User Bold, highlights, numbering facilities to make your gig more appealing and easy to understand. explain your gig and what you are offering for $5.
  4. Add TAGS. tags are useful for getting searched by people who using these key words.
  5. add video if you have, publish gig.
  6. No need for paypal account (fiverr is affiliated with payoneer Master Card Providers)

    you an apply for Fiverr Revenue card on your Revenue Page.

  7. You can use any ATM to withdraw money… you will learn lot after a week… just read this forum… its awesome.
  8. Your communication with buyers should be very nice and great.(your communication should be great with every one) Your talking and respect for them is the key that let them remember you and their purchasing experience forever and they will happily come back to you for the next purchase.

    (You also should be Master in your field of service. If you dont know about creating some thing professional for them,if you are Not!they will never come back to you for the next purchase also can leave bad feed back…

    So only offer on fiverr only the thing you can really do.

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