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Gigs in another langage


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Hi sellers,

A few month ago, I tried to add my gigs in French, as I wanted to share it with my French talking community.

The gig was refused, because the Fiverr team could not review it (which I understand).

So I made a gig called “I will help you using Fiverr in French”, at least I wanted to be able to explain to Frenchies how to order here. I really though it was an amazing idea LOL, and wanted to share some good sellers links that I know, and help people to find the perfect gigs for their needs.

But this one was also refused, as “everyone should have the same chances to buy and sell” here on Fiverr. OK, I understand too.

I recently saw that now, Fiverr is displayed “in French”, well at least the interface is translated. But my issue is not resolved, my French buyers can’t really buy here.

I can’t advertise those skills out of Fiverr without a description. I can not have this description in English, as I want to have French buyers. And I’m not gonna give Fiverr 1$ for something I totally advertise out of Fiverr, like “ok here is the description, how to buy it, I will reply in French”, plus it would be ridiculous : in case of conflict, Fiverr Team can’t help, the rating would be in French, etc… My only solution would be to sell it out of Fiverr, but again I’m stuck, as I have to certified those gigs are “only on Fiverr”.

Did you have this type of problem too? How did you solve it? Any advice regarding these issues?



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