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“About $1500-2000 per-month”


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Interview with comic artist who love magic trick and video editing – ALIFSTYLE for


So what exactly are you selling Alifstyle?

I’m make cartoon for comic, caricature, business logo and whiteboard animation service.

How long have you been on Fiverr? And how long did it take before you make first dollars?

About 10 month ago and I got my first dolar at day 1.

How did you manage to achieve top rated seller?

I do the best for my customer. It’s like, I give them $50 work value just for $5 and I have no problem with that. That’s the only I know.

How do you get traffic? Do you use any paid advertising?

No. Just from Fiverr.

How did your gig rank high in the Fiverr search?

Usually, my client introduce my service to their friends or business partner. They just go to me.

How much did you earn ?

About $1500-2000 per-month. But its like work 24 hour a day.

Alifstyle´s gig:

I will draw Any Illustration or Cartoon For Your Business, Blog, Website, Book or Anything for $5

Do you have 100% feedback? How to achieve it?

Just give the best and more than actual value to our client.

Are you using a secret word or another trick in the title or description of GIG?

No, my English is not good. But one of my client have write the copywriting for free. Thanks to Jarons ( the client ).

Did you read some e-book on how to sell on Fiverr? Or did you go through a course?

Yes! I have read one e-book. That e-book in Malay Language and it’s help me much at beginning.

Quality of work is one of the most important factors for success, right? Some other important factors?

Be punctual and friendly.

Do you give vourself some goals?

Yes, My target is $70 -$100 / a day.

Do you use gig extras?

Yes! That’s the main income for me.

What would you advise to beginners?

Work hard and make our customer happy.

More can be found on FiverrSuccess dot com

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