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Last night I worked for my favorite project


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I had a order to my logo design gig and last night I started to work for it.

Even was a $5 gig, It got me into it. A nonprofit organization that brings clean water and sanitation to communities around the world (specifically in Africa). I spent like 8-9 hours for reasearch and design and the morning comes. I know this is insane for that amount but I could do it even for free anytime.

That satisfaction is unique when you work for a noble project like that and for that people who dont even have water for drink.

Sometimes Fiverr is not just about money and I am wonder how many project like that was helped to develop through Fiverr. Is about all that people who deserve to live.

p.s. I’l attach my final sketch for that project (I did around 11, sorry for the quality but I just sketch ideas and then work in Illustrator)

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