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Please Share your New Amazing Ideas for Fiverr.com


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Hey Guys 🙂

How are you all…

First I want to tell you that I am not good in English language but you will understand what I am sharing here.

and I am also not a Economic and business experts but I believe Ideas come from those who have passion to do something different and unique.

Here I want you all give and list your ideas for fiverr.com

I think Fiverr need our ideas as we all love it and make some income from it.

so it is our duty to give best ideas to fiverr and make more Economical opportunity to fiverr and its sellers.

Because I love fiverr and I want to make fiverr and seller future strong financially…

I want fiverr run for all time on the internet and provide opportunity to those people who want to do what they love to do.

and who cannot work in 9 to 5 office job.

Here I have some new and amazing Ideas for fiverr.com

but I don’t know where to share with fiverr.com so I am just sending you some ideas here.

If you people discuss on it and raise your voice here so I am sure fiverr will listen and look here.

Idea01: Please make every seller profile like a indipendant web page…

where seller can show his contents as a website (About Me, My Service, My Clientele, Terms & Condition (which follow fiverr terms & Condition also) etc.

Also provide live chat inbox like Facebook Desktop version have so we can chat our clients and other seller on real time.

Idea02: Provide seller custom domain facility…so seller can use his/her profile like his website.

Like I want to add my website name DevPraks.com to my profile ID fiverr.com/iamdev

*(Here fiverr can make some income from third party domain selling company by affiliate etc.)

Ideas03: allow seller to use paid commercial advertising around the web on google and facebook and other third party advertising,

If fiverr allow this so we can get more clients and earn more and also help fiverr in marketing.

and if we earn more so fiverr will get more its %20.

*at this time fiverr not allow paid advertising for gig page.

Ideas04: Please also add fund collection system for seller…

I give name “Online fiverr saving account” to this fund collection system.

Brief :In fund collection system…seller can save some money for his/her future time.

like there should be a system in seller account where seller have option to choose some percentage (like %5, %10, %15,) of his per gig earning and collect it in “online fiverr saving account” and select a saving money withdraw time ( like 1 to 6 months or may be one year, so seller cannot withdraw money during these selected times) and after completion of selected months for his/her online saving account, seller can withdraw his/her saved money to his/her paypal account.

For example: there should a page where seller go and select that 10% of his each gigs earning will go to his "online fiverr saving account"

Mean if seller make $5 in one gig, seller will earn $4 (Minus 20% of fiverr)

But If seller activate “Online fiverr saving account feature in his/her account” with 10% (or other percentage from option list)

so it mean that seller will receive only $3.60 to his bank or paypal account.

and rest 0.40 cent (%10 of $4) will go to his/her online fiverr saving account for a selected months.

Second Example: Seller activate “Fiverr online saving account” (which is optional to every seller.) and select %10 (from options) for next 6 months (from months options.)

and a seller make $500 (Minus fiverr %20) per month.

so per month seller save $50 (%10 of $500) and receive only $450 to his paypal account.

but seller activate his/her Online saving account system for 6 months…

Mean that seller collect in average $300 in his/her fiverr saving account in 6 months and after six month seller can withdraw this to his paypal account.

How fiverr will make income from it…

Fiverr can charge small fee for activating "online fiverr saving account"

What seller will get profit from “Fiverr Saving account”??

I know bank pay interest in his account and fiverr cannot pays from its %20.

but I think most of seller (like me) are freelancer and they cannot save some money for their future as their income is limited and nobody can guarantee that they will make fix income in next day or months.

so If Fiverr add this “online saving account” feature in seller account so physiologically it will be easy for every seller to save some money for future.

I think it is best idea for those seller who have no habits or showing some laziness for saving money, and it also help people to become financially strong which help our country level or World level economics.

How fiverr will make income from it…?

  1. Fiverr can charge small fee for activating “online fiverr saving account” (like $15 for next 3 months)
  2. Fiverr also can add some external shopping list in “fiverr saving account page” (like amazon, ebay, etc) if seller buy something from these listed external sites so fiverr can earn some percent through affiliate network.

    and it will be easy for every seller to buy things directly from their saving account.
  3. and some time it will be easy to donate some buck to non-profit organization from fiverr.

    Because we are human being and we have responsible to help animal- and poor peoples.

    We are not rich people but also not poor by heart. 🙂

    there are lots of Ideas come in my mind but I want your ideas and your suggestion.

    and also help me on how to send these Ideas to fiverr main persons.

    Please share your ideas for fiverr.

    Best Regards

    Dev Praks 🙂
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